C A F É   A R T I F I C I E L

During my time in Paris I worked together with the art museum Centre Pompidou. They are exposing art in a very traditional way and where sear-ching for new ways of mediating between artwork and visitor. A brief analyse of the situation showed that the museum‘s permanent collection is presented more like a passage way then a space to stay. People are desperatly looking for places to sit, when they succeed however, they tend to pay attention rather to their smartphones then to the artworks.


I wanted to change the whole atmosphere during the visit, creating a place to chat about art and to understand it more easily, a place that allows people to take time to look at the paintings and to interact with the information about them. Therefor I developped an artificial café, a white version of the typical Parisian Bistro chair and table, that serves information and entertainment instead of coffee and cake. Videos, photographs and GIFs are displayed on the surfaces of tables and plates with a projector and a mapping/tracking-software. The table in front of a picasso painting e.g. shows original footage of the artist at work while GIFs explain his drawing techniques in a humorous way. Sometimes there‘s information about upcoming events and other exhibitions at Centre Pompidou popping up.