D E F E N S E   K E Y   T A G

Sexual assault is a problem of society. The image of rape as a sudden ambush in public space by an unknown offender, the stereotype of a sexual crime, is however a false impression repeatedly conveyed by media coverage. Although those cases amount to only 10% of all rape cases the feeling of security and the quality of (women‘s) lifes is severely affected. When asked in which situations people are afraid almost everyone answers: at night, in dark-ness or on the way home. 


I developed the Key Tag in collaboration with two police inspectors, after reading dozens of case studies, doing a survey and interviewing a psychologist.


The Defense Key Tag is supposed to contribute regaining the sense of security psychologically and haptically as well as to effectively ward off attacks and bring help in an emergency. The Key Tag has four functions which can be activated through one single button. The simpli-city of the handling enables fast, safe and uncomlicated acting even under stress or in fear. The functions include an alarm signal and a flash light to repel offenders and draw a third party‘s attention to the situation. Additionally it contains a video camera to record the offense making an eventual identification of the (potential) attacker more likely as it is automatically uploaded online. Furthermore it is possible to make an emergency call at the police which can be traced back to one‘s location via GPS ensuring quick help. 

Photos by Yannic Merz